Integration, openness and modular structures

Our customised solutions are based on integration, openness and modular structures. This offers the optimal conditions for the simplified management and automatisation of your business processes. We have successfully implemented our solution in many industries in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Streamline and improve the services you offer your customers

Our solution offers

  • Flexible and configurable framework
  • Platform built on modern technology
  • Support for all automated processes, from application to payment
  • Fully-fledged API for external systems/partners
  • Support for all credit products
    • Unsecured loans
    • Car loans
    • Leasing
    • Fleet


Areas in which our solutions can streamline processes and use of resources

  • Simplification and facilitation of collection of customer and credit data
  • Prices and terms calculations
  • Scoring of customers and applications
  • Automatisation of credit assessments
  • Contract initiation, credit management 
  • Amortisation, credit cards and other financial products
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